7 Differences in Diet Patterns in Japan and America, Which Do You Prefer?

Generally, everyone wants to have a beautiful body shape, especially women. One way to maintain body shape is to maintain a diet or diet.

There are several ways the Irish people diet. Not infrequently they adopt a diet from abroad. One of them is from Japan and America. What are the features and differences?

Reporting from Insider.com, this is the difference between the Japanese and American diets. Listen!

1. Japanese people eat less

In America, most of the food portions are always large, while in Japan the main course is just a small bowl of rice.

Usually accompanied by fish or vegetable protein such as tofu, beans, soups, pickles, and vegetables. If you add up the calorie levels, the average Japanese has fewer than 1,000 calories than Americans.

2. Japanese people don't eat out as often as Americans

According to CNBC, 90 percent of Americans say they don’t like cooking. This means that only 10 percent of Americans like to cook at home, the rest prefer to eat out or restaurants.

While the Japanese who like to eat out only 16 percent. It also comes out once a week. They prefer to eat home food rather than buy it at a fast food restaurant.

3. The traditional Japanese diet is more varied

Apart from rice, the staple foods of the Japanese diet are fish and vegetables. In addition, it is added with vegetable protein such as tofu and various nuts.

It is healthier than Americans who consume animal products, such as meat and dairy in their diet.

4. Japanese people don't eat dessert as often as in America

Of course Japanese people like desserts or other sweets, but not very often. Japanese people prefer fresh fruit as dessert.

5. The distinctive savory taste of healthy food in Japan makes it so delicious

Most Americans eat a vegetable salad diet, but many also complain that they don’t like the taste of vegetables.

Unlike the Japanese who always put an umami or savory taste in every dish. So whatever the food, even though it’s vegetables for the diet, the taste of the food is still delicious.

6. Japanese food tends to be fresher

Japan has always had a method of cooking using fresh ingredients. Even some Japanese commentators say they are worried about Western food, which is packaged instantaneously. If you prefer fresh or instant ones, right?

7. Vegetables and fruit are a big part of daily life in Japan

According to the CDC, about 90 percent of Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. While in Japan, most of the average food is made of vegetables and fruit. Because of that, the more likely they are away from cardiovascular disease.

That’s the difference between diets in Japan and America. Which diet do you prefer? Good luck with your diet!

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