PhenGold Ireland ᐈ Dosage, Side Effects & Price 2023

Phengold Ireland

Since most people are skeptical of weight loss supplements, it’s not easy to know which one actually works.

Most of them have little or no effect, but some have incredible user feedback.

It is best to find a product that contains effective natural ingredients that will provide you with good health and sustainable weight loss results.

PhenGold Ireland provides just that. With impressive results from users and reports of no side effects, this is one of the most efficient supplements on the market today.

So, let’s continue with our PhenGold Ireland review, okay?

What is PhenGold Ireland ?

PhenGold Ireland was created by Swiss Research Limited, a world-renowned UK-based company specializing in nutritional supplements for fitness enthusiasts. This dietary supplement acts as a real boost in fat loss . This means that it is specially formulated to promote the burning of body fat and is a real metabolism booster. This combination allows you to lose weight more effectively.

Thanks to its components, PhenGold Ireland accentuates your energy and increases your physical performance. Plus, all of this with the aim of making you lose excess weight faster .

On the other hand, it reduces appetite , cuts hunger . You are fuller for longer, so you eat less and lose weight.

PhenGold Ireland belongs to the group of dietary supplements, also known as fat burners . It consists of ingredients with scientifically proven action that allow you to remove excess body fat .

It should be emphasized that PhenGold Ireland contains a lot of vitamin B12 , an essential nutrient that is mostly absent in meat-free diets. This nutrient also increases your energy.

PhenGold Ireland is 100% natural and safe to use : all these ingredients are of totally natural controlled origin. Together, they help you reach your weight loss goal .

In summary, here are the main effects of PhenGold Ireland on your body:

● Reduction of the stimulus of hunger
● Acceleration of metabolism
● Lowering calories
● Fat loss
● Increased energy
● Good mood
● Better performing brain and body

How PhenGold works

Weight loss is a multidimensional problem and its solution must also be multidimensional. A solution that must be based on scientific data.

This is exactly what PhenGold Ireland does. Tackling the weight problem globally can help you be successful, lose all the pounds you want.

Let’s see how it actually works.

  1. Helps burn belly fat

    There is no man or woman who does not want to have a slim waist.

    Many focus only on appearance, but that’s not the only problem.

    Belly fat is among the most dangerous and is closely related to several serious diseases.

    Thanks to the green tea extract it contains, PhenGold Ireland can help you burn a significant amount of belly fat.

  2. Boosts metabolism

    Your body is constantly burning calories.

    When you work, when you are sitting, even when you sleep, your body performs millions of functions that require energy.

    PhenGold Ireland speeds up your metabolism so that you burn more calories even while resting.

    The green tea extract and cayenne pepper it contains are two well-known ingredients that have been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, the process that increases the calories that are burned.

  3. Burn more fat while exercising

    Exercise, even if mild, promotes weight loss. If you train and use PhenGold Ireland at the same time, the results are obviously much faster.

    Its unique formula helps reduce mental and physical fatigue.

    With the energy it offers you can train harder and for longer.

    Its fat burners, such as rhodiola (Rhodiola) and cayenne pepper, allow the body to burn more fat during exercise.

  4. Prevents the absorption of fat

    Success in weight loss depends on two factors. How much fat you burn and, at the same time, how much fat is stored in your body.

    In addition to burning fat, the green coffee extract contained in PhenGold Ireland reduces the amount of fat and glucose you absorb when you eat.

    5. Reduces the desire for food

    Continuous snacking is one of the causes of weight gain.

    We may not realize it, but this habit can ruin all our efforts to lose weight.

    PhenGold Ireland eliminates hunger waves, helping you to make better and better choices in your diet.

Ingredients PhenGold

phengold ingredients

There are 12 active ingredients in the PhenGold Ireland diet pill formulation and most of them offer multiple benefits.

● Green tea
Green tea extracts are found in many of the best diet pill formulations. It is one of the most popular natural fat burners in the world.

Green tea helps you burn more fat than you could with just diet and exercise. It does this by increasing metabolism and thermogenesis. Compounds that do this are known as thermogenic fat burners.

As your metabolism gets faster, more calories are burned. Even when you are sitting or sleeping. As thermogenesis increases, more calories (energy) are lost in the air as heat. This is a great ingredient in PhenGold Ireland!

Any increase in metabolism or thermogenesis is beneficial when fat loss is your goal. It increases the lack of energy in the body and forces you to burn extra fat as a fuel source.

Green tea’s ability to increase weight loss has been evaluated by scientists around the world. There is a mountain of evidence showing that it works , and the results of one study show that the fat-burning benefits of green tea can last up to 24 hours.

● Niacin
Niacin is a B vitamin (vitamin B3). Helps the body extract energy from food. This is a common feature of all B vitamins, all of which are popular ingredients in energy drinks.

Niacin is also a vasodilator. Relax blood vessels and improve circulation. For this reason, it is often used in bodybuilding supplements.

As circulation improves, it helps muscles and major organs receive more blood by flooding them with extra oxygen and nutrients. This improves physical endurance and allows you to train harder than before. Another good inclusion in PhenGold Ireland

Niacin also helps maintain brain cells and plays a role in the signaling process between nerve cells. This allows her to improve memory function and mental agility.

● Vitamins B6 + B12
Two more versatile B vitamins that are found in many energy drinks. Their presence in PhenGold Ireland formulation is supposed to help people who use it avoid diet-related fatigue. It goes without saying that they will also be very helpful to anyone looking to increase their weight loss through exercise.

Vitamin B6 also helps the body make hemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body through the blood. Vitamin B12 aids in DNA production, and both vitamins support health in many other ways.

● L-Tyrosine
This is an amino acid. It is one of the building blocks your body needs to make muscle.

L-tyrosine is also a precursor of noradrenaline and dopamine. It appears to be able to reduce stress and prevent the memory and attention deficits it can cause. It is also useful in protecting the body from the physical stress caused by exercise.

Due to its versatile nature, L-Tyrosine is a common inclusion in nootropics, sports supplements, and products that aim to provide support for people looking to lose weight.

● Rhodiola root
Rhodiola rosea is another good ingredient that can help PhenGold Ireland do the things it’s supposed to do.

In Russia and Scandinavia, people have been exploiting its abilities for many centuries. It is a popular natural remedy for anxiety and fatigue.

Research shows that rhodiola can also improve performance during exercise. Plus, it’s a safe ingredient, which people

● L-Theanine
An amino acid that can be obtained from green and black tea.

It is also present in Bay Bolete mushrooms. Research shows that L-Theanine helps people relax without causing sleepiness. It can offer many benefits to people who are feeling stressed.

Some research suggests that L-Theanine also boosts immune function and may offer protection against upper respiratory tract infections. It is a good inclusion in the PhenGold Ireland formula.

It also offers several additional benefits and, when coupled with caffeine, can increase mental focus while also reducing the likelihood of nervousness and other side effects that can come into play due to caffeine.

● Anhydrous caffeine
A pure form of caffeine. It is powerful and acts fast. Caffeine increases mental focus, improves concentration and is good for fighting fatigue. It also reduces unruly appetite, but it is not one of the most powerful hunger suppressants.

Fortunately, PhenGold Ireland contains other ingredients that have superior credentials in this regard.

Caffeine also improves fat burning by increasing metabolism. A lot of research shows this, and the results of one study suggest it may offer more benefits to obese people than to those who are close to their normal weight.

● Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper is a source of capsaicin. Many other members of the pepper family also provide this compound.

Capsaicin helps to burn faster by increasing metabolism and thermogenesis. The fact that the formulation combines it with green tea should help make PhenGold Ireland particularly potent.

The fat-burning boost provided by cayenne can last a long time. Some studies show that the benefits continue for up to 24 hours.

However, while cayenne gets most of the attention for its ability to help you burn fat, it also has another important virtue. Several studies show that the capsaicin it provides controls hunger.

Eating small pieces of red pepper can also produce this appetite-suppressing effect. Researchers at Laval University in Québec established this through two studies in which participants ate red pepper with their meals.

Dimethylethanolamine bitartrate (DMAE) is a compound that the body produces. When taken in supplement form, it acts as a stimulant and increases mental focus.

Research reveals that DMAE can also bring improvements in mood. Eating “clean” often means avoiding favorite foods. This depresses many dieters, so it’s good that Swiss Research Labs has included an ingredient that can help dieters maintain a positive mood.

● Green coffee bean extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract is a popular diet pill ingredient that provides chlorogenic acid. It has a reputation as a fat burner, but the value of early studies is disputed.

Regardless, many people have used green coffee bean supplements and report tangible improvements in weight loss.

However, it is possible that people’s weight loss ratio may be due to the ability of chlorogenic acid to limit the absorption of glucose. This inclusion of PhenGold Ireland can help prevent post-meal blood sugar spikes that can cause insulin spikes that can make blood sugar levels crash, resulting in a sudden craving for high calorie foods.

More studies are still needed, but chlorogenic acid also appears to disrupt the processes the body uses to convert excess energy into fat.

So even though green coffee extract is a safe ingredient that appears to give good results, there is a bit of a gray area about the processes involved.

● BioPerine
BioPerine is a black pepper extract that has been modified to deliver a consistently high dose of piperine.

Piperine is an alkaloid that helps the body absorb nutrients more easily. It does the same with supplement ingredients, helping to maximize the benefits.

Some manufacturers use basic black pepper extracts, but the companies responsible for making all the best supplements generally use BioPerine.

There is no mystery behind this favoritism. BioPerine is the most potent black pepper extract available. Leave the cheaper alternatives to eat its dust.

Dosage : How to Take PhenGold ?

The serving size is three capsules, once a day, to be taken with food and, ideally, just before training.

While Swiss research laboratories are unable to provide this suggestion, it may be best to start with just one capsule a day and then work up to the maximum dose.

PhenGold Ireland contains caffeine. Starting with a lower dose will be a good way to track tolerance issues.

Are there any side effects from using PhenGold?

A legitimate question is whether Phen Gold has certain contraindications or not. We respond immediately.

PhenGold Ireland is a capsule composed of 100% natural ingredients, carefully studied and analyzed in a laboratory, to make it effective but also harmless. The daily intake of this product provides a total of 225 mg of caffeine, 500 mg of green tea, and 100 mg of green coffee.

This means that if, for example, you are very sensitive to caffeine, you can simply reduce your daily intake.

However, it should be determined that a small number of customers say that they experience dizziness, nausea and tremors, so it is necessary to carefully read the method of taking these capsules and do not forget that they should be taken before meals.

It is also reminded for pregnant women, nursing mothers and certain people who previously had a previous illness to consult a doctor first.

The capsules are made in the United States, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, free of gluten, lactose and soy and contain no artificial fillers.


You can only get the PhenGold Ireland from the official site,

it is not available on platforms such as Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

They are many benefits you will get if you buy PhenGold Ireland directly from the official site.

Besides you get the 100% original product. You can also get special offers available on this month, like “Buy 2 get 1 free” and “Buy 3 get 2 Free”.

And every purchase on the official website includes free shipping to Ireland, even worldwide.

In addition, you will also benefit from a 100 day money back guarantee.

PhenGold Ireland official website ensures your money back for the first 100 days of treatment. You read that right! 100 days of treatment! This is a guarantee of quality!

Online customers asked if PhenGold Ireland actually works or not. Well this is why they are giving away a 100 day money back guarantee.

To take advantage of PhenGold Ireland money-back guarantee, simply return any unopened PhenGold Ireland you still have within 100 days and your money is immediately refunded. They won’t ask you any questions.

PhenGold Price

It’s quite simple, there are 3 packages:

● 1 Bottles x 90 capsules at a price of €59.99 (currently only €49.99), in order for one month supply.

● 2 Boxes x 90 capsules at a price of €179.97 (currently only €99.99 ) + 1 free Box, which represents a savings of €79.98 for a 3 months supply.

● 3 Boxes x 30 capsules at a price of €299.95 (currently only €149.99) + 2 free Box, the most advantageous pack with a saving of €149.96 for a 5 months supply.

So you can see that if you take the most popular option i.e. 3 months supply and 2 months free, you will pay almost 2 times cheaper than if you only pay for a single month of supply.

Contact us here, if you have any questions all about PhenGold in Ireland.