Despite the fact that to lose weight is to do the right diet and do physical exercise activities. But when the two things have been done but not too significant to give results, there are other alternatives that can be done to speed up the process of weight loss.

The most popular way for people who want a slim body is to use weight-loss products. This is not easy because there are so many slimming drugs that are spread on the market, and we must be very careful in choosing products that work effectively and safely.

PhenQ is the most popular diet pill in Ireland. This is a safe and effective fat-burning product. This is a supplement that is already widely used by people who want a sexy and slim body.

PhenQ is a supplement produced by Wolfson Berg Limited and designed to help with weight loss. PhenQ offers high quality supplements that are produced and facilitated by FDA approved with effective ingredients and formulas that have been studied to help achieve the expected weight.

With the strength of the ingredients contained in PhenQ, PhenQ targets weight loss in five ways by burning fat, suppressing appetite, inhibiting fat production, increasing energy and improving mood. That’s why this diet pill is the most powerful and effective at losing weight.

PhenQ Ingredients - What Makes It So Effective?

It should be noted that PhenQ has a number of ingredients that have been clinically tested with the best quality to produce the expected results. But from the strong blend of ingredients contained in PhenQ, a-Lacys Reset is one of the strongest scientifically proven ingredients capable of increasing metabolism to burn more calories and fat faster.

capsimax ireland

Capsimax Powder

This ingredient contains a mixture of Caffeine, Black Pepper, niacin and capsicum which are proven to increase metabolism and fat burners. Even the thermogenic nature of this mixture is very good at increasing body temperature so it can burn more calories. In addition, the properties of black pepper have been shown to actively reduce the formation of new fat cells.

chromium-picolinate ireland

Chromium Picolinate

This is a natural mineral that can be found in meat and grains which functions as an appetite suppressant and helps control your blood sugar levels. With the control of blood sugar will help reduce the desire to consume snacks and the weight loss process will be successful.


The mixture of caffeine in weight loss products is a very good addition to giving you an energy boost that can really help overcome fatigue and lack of energy. Another benefit of caffeine is to reduce appetite and increase your metabolism.

Nopal Ireland


Other ingredients that work to suppress appetite in PhenQ are found in cactus plants. Nopal is very rich in amino acids which are a source of fiber that helps suppress appetite and provide additional energy in the process of weight loss.

l-carnitine ireland

L-Carnitine Fumarate

One other ingredient that is very important in this product is L-Carnitine Fumarate which can convert fat deposits into energy and this greatly helps reduce the level of fatigue that may be felt before and after undergoing physical training.

All ingredients are formulated in PhenQ entirely in FDA-approved GMP facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom so you can trust the quality offered.

Are There Side Effects From PhenQ?

Many people’s fear of diet pills is a side effect. Unlike other products, PhenQ has been clinically proven as a weight loss pill that is safe because it does not contain chemicals and only contains natural ingredients.

All ingredients contained in PhenQ are easily accepted by the body so they do not cause health problems.

PhenQ has become the favorite weight loss pill in Ireland. Please note that PhenQ has helped more than 190,000 consumers and in fact they were very satisfied and did not report any side effects while using PhenQ.

If you want to lose weight with the help of natural supplements, then you should try PhenQ.

How Do You Use PhenQ?

If you want to maximize the benefits of PhenQ’s weight-loss products, make sure you use them according to the recommended dosage. Never take more than the recommended dosage, this is to minimize the risk of minor side effects that occur.

Take 2 pills daily according to the recommended dosage. Take 1 pill along with breakfast, then take the right pill along with your lunch. Please note that using PhenQ does not require a doctor’s prescription.

One ingredient found in PhenQ is Caffeine which can increase your energy level. Therefore, it is recommended not to take PhenQ after 3 pm to avoid sleep disturbances.

PhenQ is not recommended for breastfeeding women or if she is pregnant. In addition, people who have health problems or people who are taking prescription drugs should delay the use of weight loss supplements.

Where to Buy PhenQ in Ireland

There are many PhenQ users in Ireland who post their reviews of PhenQ and they are satisfied with the results. But these products cannot be found at pharmacies or other retail stores, you must order them through the official website.

By buying through an official website, you will avoid fake products that can cause health problems in your body. In addition, you will also get many attractive offers if you buy on official sites including: free shipping, 60 days money back guarantee and attractive discounts that you can get by buying a PhenQ on the official site.

Price of PhenQ - Cost of Losing Weight

PhenQ is only available on the official site at the best price. There are three packages offered and you can choose according to your needs. 1 bottle contains 60 pills so that it will fill for a full month.