PhenQ Ireland

PhenQ Ireland. Do you want to lose weight? We understand the feeling of not seeing yourself twice in the mirror because of all the body fat staring at you.

Many people despise this course.

Yet millions of people around the world are forced to walk it every day.

If so, you should definitely consider using a fat burner supplement to help.

This supplement can increase the body’s fat burning rate and help you stick to your weight loss and exercise routines.

Regular use can cause even the most stubborn grease to disappear.

This replacement fat burner supplement is healthy and effective for men and women who want to lose weight fast and effectively.

Unlike many weight loss supplements on the market, it is all natural and targets body fat in multiple ways.

Today we are going to go over our PhenQ reviews and how you can use them to burn off all the excess fat you don’t want in your body.

Keep reading to learn more about PhenQ, how it works, and why you should consider using it next in your weight loss goals.



Launched in 2015, PhenQ is a product for everyone who wants to lose weight in a simple way. This new formula is quite powerful and it combines the benefits of different slimming remedies for rapid weight loss.

PhenQ acts in different ways on the body:

It speeds up fat burning by boosting your metabolism and increasing your body temperature;

It contains ingredients that slow down or even stop the production of new fat.

So you have nothing to fear about the risk of weight gain.

It reduces appetite and therefore reduces caloric intake: with PhenQ, the feeling of hunger is therefore reduced and the cravings for snacking are no longer felt.

PhenQ is an appetite suppressant with scientifically proven effectiveness thanks to the registered formula α-Lacys Reset ®.

It has been shown by clinical study that it allows a faster metabolism, and therefore to burn your fat effectively!

This supplement is manufactured in laboratories certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

And you can even increase your muscle mass by up to 3.8%! In addition, PhenQ is guaranteed for 60 days, satisfied or REFUNDED!


The PhenQ pill helps to lose weight by acting in several ways on the metabolism and the psychological aspect of the person who wishes to lose weight.

Let’s discover together all the actions that make up its overall functioning.

1. ACTION 1 : It increases the body’s caloric expenditure

This formula allows the dietary supplement to strengthen the body’s thermogenesis process .

The PhenQ formula is made with a powder called Capsimax, which is enriched with capsaicin, an alkaloid chemical compound found in chili peppers.

In other words, PhenQ will encourage the body to regulate body temperature (by increasing it significantly) and therefore burn calories faster during the day… and at night!

2. ACTION 2 : It facilitates fat burning activity through metabolism

When consuming the PhenQ tablets, fats will be more easily targeted and utilized as an energy source to tap into

This is explained by the presence of L-carnitine, an amino acid that influences the transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria, which are the energy centers of our cells.

It thus helps to promote the production of energy by the body.

This process is also facilitated by the fact that PhenQ increases the body’s calorie expenditure thanks to capsaicin.

3. ACTION 3 : It limits fat absorption during digestion

This dietary supplement, because it contains fiber extracts from nopal, prickly pear, has another activity that allows the body to lose weight during digestion.

This cactus known for its virtues on the gastrointestinal system prevents the intestines from absorbing fats by encouraging them to evacuate them during defecation.

Fats are therefore less assimilated, which allows the body to spend more and lose weight.

4. ACTION 4 : it regulates blood sugar levels

One of the consequences of weight gain and overweight is excess blood sugar and insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

The content of PhenQ in chromium, and in nopal, will make it possible to regulate the glycemic index of the blood, and to rebalance the metabolism to assimilate absorbed fats and sugars.

This is explained by the fact that the body has accumulated a diet that is too rich in fats and sugars.

5. ACTION 5 : It reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood

The piperine contained in PhenQ helps to rebalance blood cholesterol levels, by reducing bad cholesterol, which prevents fat metabolism and causes heart problems.

Piperine is an alkaloid present in certain spices such as pepper, and which has an action on cholesterol and on excess fat present in adipose tissue.

This molecule is very famous for its fat-burning action which helps weight loss in a sustainable way.

6. ACTION 6 : A food supplement that cuts the feeling of hunger

PhenQ acts as an appetite suppressant which therefore controls cravings, well known in slimming diets.

Nopal fibers reduce the feeling of appetite and therefore make you feel full at the end of meals. The Capsimax compound acts on appetite neurotransmitters by inhibiting them.

Taking PhenQ will thus help to achieve a feeling of satiety more easily, thus promoting weight loss.

7. ACTION 7 : PhenQ acts as a nervous regulator and helps the body to rest

The problem with some weight loss diets is that they cause fatigue and increased stress , particularly due to changes in eating habits.

One of the particularities of PhenQ is that it contains magnesium , an important mineral because it helps regulate the nervous system, thus avoiding depression and mood swings.

In addition, it allows the body to recover well during sleep, by promoting the synthesis of melatonin, the sleep hormone.


Brought to market by renowned company WOLFSON BRAND, PhenQ is one of the best dietary supplements designed to actually burn fat.

Its basic ingredient is A-Lacys-Reset but not only, see the detailed composition here .

For a long time some thought that PhenQ is banned in Ireland because of the phen term (the “phen” at the beginning of the product name) but this is totally false. Here is the composition of PhenQ in a complete way:

1. A-Lacys-Reset

It is the key ingredient in the PhenQ Ireland dietary supplement formula.

Each capsule contains 25 mg .

It is a tested and patented formula which allows to accelerate the metabolism and to cause thermogenesis.

This is your body’s heat production. By increasing body temperature, thermogenesis makes fat burning even easier.

a- Lacys -Reset is composed of alpha-lipoic acid, cysteine ​​and magnesium.

These ingredients allow you to burn calories in an accelerated way while improving your overall shape.

Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that allows better absorption of glucose.

Cysteine ​​promotes the digestion of fatty acids and therefore prevents many disorders.

It is a proteinogenic amino acid.

As for magnesium , it has a regulating effect on the nervous system.

The a-Lacys-Reset is thus the flagship ingredient of PhenQ.

2. L-Carnitine

It is an amino acid found naturally in red meat, nuts and vegetables.

This molecule is the most abundant in the PhenQ food supplement, because it allows the catabolism of the fats contained in the body.

It facilitates the process of transforming fats into energy.

Each capsule contains 150 mg.

3. Anhydrous Caffeine

It is an essential ingredient in food supplements.

Caffeine is known as a stimulant to reduce fatigue.

It helps to increase the energy level of the body.

It is present in the PhenQ food supplement at a rate of 142.5 mg per capsule.

Caffeine drives thermogenesis and therefore helps to burn fat more easily.

It also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.

4. Nopal

It is a cactus of Mexican origin rich in fiber.

In a capsule of PhenQ, there are 20 mg of Nopal extracts (powder).

It helps regulate blood sugar levels, which has a very effective natural appetite suppressant effect.

Nopal also helps to better evacuate waste and fight against water retention.

5. Capsimax powder

It is a mixture of natural products to accelerate weight loss.

It is composed of capsicum , niacin powder and piperine .

They increase the heat produced by the body and therefore thermogenesis.

There are 08 mg of capsicum extract in each capsule of PhenQ, 03 mg of Piperine extract, and 4.5 mg of Niacin powder.

Capsimax is an ingredient very present in food supplements.

6. Chromium picolinate

It is a natural mineral that helps control appetite.

It helps to act on hunger.

The Chromium Picolinate present in the PhenQ capsule helps regulate blood sugar levels. It also helps reduce cravings for sweet foods.


PhenQ allows rapid and harmonious weight loss.

The pill adapts well to the metabolism and therefore has the advantage of having a reduced number of undesirable effects.

The dietary supplement acts mainly along five axes that allow natural weight loss.

1. Speed ​​up metabolism

Metabolism consists of a series of reactions which lead both to the degradation of certain substances (catabolism) and to the synthesis of others (anabolism).

The first types of reactions allow the body to draw energy from lipids, carbohydrates, etc. while anabolism allows the production of other substances that the cell needs for its functioning.

That being said, the speed with which an organism carries out its metabolism determines the speed of storage and elimination of the fats consumed.

Some people have a slow metabolism.

The consequence is that fat is stored and takes time to be eliminated.

This is also what explains the fact that one person can take three slices of pizza straight away without risk of obesity, while another cannot.

This is because the other has a fast metabolism.

PhenQ is of appreciable help in this context.

It speeds up the metabolism and therefore burns fat faster.

The impact is felt in increased energy output and body temperature.

2. Stop the production of fat cells

Although it helps to burn fat quickly, PhenQ has an active ingredient that influences its production.

This production can thus be slowed down and even stopped by the pill.

This mode of action of the food supplement then makes it possible to avoid weight gain during the diet period and also to avoid the exhausting cycles of increase-decrease in weight which could occur during the use of other solutions.

PhenQ therefore allows the treatment to evolve in the sole direction of weight loss.

3. Control appetite

With regard to appetite PhenQ still intervenes.

During a diet, many fail to have a feeling of satiety.

We often have the impression of being always hungry, which almost becomes an obsession.

It is actually a mental challenge that is mainly due to the fact that you are in the midst of changing your eating lifestyle.

So you try to deprive yourself of snacking as usual between two meals.

This influences your body and its expectations.

The second reason for this constant feeling of hunger is the fact that you tell yourself that you are on a diet.

This thought causes you to have a constant urge to eat.

On the market, you will find several options that are not always effective in controlling your appetite.

An appetite suppressant is certainly not the ideal solution for a long period.

On the other hand, PhenQ is a dietary supplement that naturally regulates your appetite without possible frustrations.

4. Energize

To boost energy, PhenQ is an excellent solution.

Indeed, sport remains essential in a weight loss process.

This is where a food supplement will be useful for replenishing the energy needed to eliminate fat.

5. Stabilize mood

Most often, going on a diet is accompanied by significant morale damage.

Some people may then need chocolate, starches, alcohols or the like to try to improve their mood.

PhenQ also acts in this direction.

In addition to giving you energy, this pill is useful for giving you a smile and keeping your spirits up.

A real plus compared to the pills sold by the competition which tend to accentuate depressive states.


PhenQ is sold in tablet form, the bottle contains 60 pills.

Taking PhenQ does not require a doctor’s prescription.

To avoid any inconvenience, it is necessary to respect the dosage adapted to each user.

The recommended dose is two pills per day: one capsule in the morning with a glass of water or fruit juice at breakfast, and a second capsule during lunch with a glass of water, either after the entrance, or after the main meal.

Avoid in the evening as it contains caffeine which could disturb your sleep.

One bottle = 1 month.

It is well recommended to carry out a cure of 2 months minimum to begin to observe satisfactory results.

If you are under medical treatment, it is strongly advised to seek the advice of your doctor.


The good news is that there are virtually no side effects associated with using PhenQ Ireland.

This is certainly related to the fact that it contains only natural ingredients .

After spending hours looking at numerous reviews online, I found that those who had adverse reactions or side effects were allergic to any of the ingredients or took too many capsules (overdose).

If one swallows more than the recommended amount, the side effects of PhenQ Ireland are mainly due to the caffeine content , which can cause insomnia and nervousness.

A handful of negative reviews are related to stomach upset and gas from calcium carbonate. But again, this concerns users who exceeded the doses.

If you suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure, and other systemic problems, it is best to consult your doctor before using PhenQ Ireland or any other dietary supplement. This is especially important if you are undergoing medical treatment.

It is always best to check the ingredients present in PhenQ Ireland to make sure that you are not suffering from allergies to the components. Also avoid taking more than the recommended daily allowance.


PhenQ Ireland is unfortunately not available in pharmacies or store online like GNC, Walmart or PhenQ Amazon and EBay.

It will be present only on the official website of the manufacturer

This is a very important point to take into consideration, since it turns out that this dietary supplement has had great significant success .

As a result, several counterfeits have emerged and have put many health in danger.

On the other hand, by making a purchase on the official website, you also get benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee .

With a promo code , your product will be even cheaper.

You can make payments with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card payment. And now PhenQ Ireland offer Skrill as payment method

Benefits Buy PhenQ Ireland From Official Site:

  • Payments are guaranteed safe.
  • All orders are sent within 24-48 hours
  • You have to pay the actual price
  • You will get 100% natural and original products
  • Offer a 60 day money back guarantee
  • World-class customer service
  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE
  • Big discount offer (Buy 3 + 2 bottles for FREE only $ 189.95 )
  • FREE SHIPPING to around the world


The delivery times of PhenQ Ireland products are rather quick. PhenQ Ireland orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours .

It will therefore be necessary to add a few days for delivery. Usually, it takes less than a week to receive your order of PhenQ Ireland.

In order to ensure fast delivery times, PhenQ Ireland has warehouses in Germany, UK and USA. So orders of PhenQ Ireland can be delivered in a short time!

It is important to note that shipping is free anywhere in the world and the order is shipped in discreet packaging .

If your order is delayed in arriving you can contact PhenQ Ireland customer service or track your order by accessing the “Track Your Order” page of the official website.


If PhenQ Ireland does not work for you, the brand offers a money back guarantee which is offered for 60 days following the purchase of the dietary supplement.

If you want to test and ultimately are not satisfied with the slimming product, simply return the box for a refund within 60 days of placing your order. For me, one more element in the good faith of the manufacturer regarding his product.


PhenQ Price

There are 3 different packs :

  • 1 bottle x 60 tablets at a price of £74.99 (currently £64.99), in order for one month supply.
  • 2 bottles x 60 pills at a price of £224.99 (currently £129.99 ) + 1 free bottle, which represents a savings of £95.00 for 3 months supply.
  • 3 bottles x 60 pills at a price of £374.99 (currently £194.99 ) + 2 free bottles, the most advantageous pack with a saving of £180.00 5 months supply.


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